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Someone once said: "The more things change, the more they stay insane."

Unfortunately, Insane did change and ceased to exist in 1998. We managed to put together a Demo-CD in 1997, and I thought it would be OK to put this stuff on this page, maybe somenone still likes what we did. The songs are in mp3 format.

Please note that all rights for these songs remain with Insane (Schüpfer, Lindmaier, Kümmerlen, Schneider, Falcke).

Insane - The Final Insanity

Falling Again 4:03
Waste Of Time 2:55
Love Party 4:16
Thunderstorm 5:21
Kingdom For Your Thoughts 3:49
Sweet Dreams 4:44
Sleepless 5:06
YOU 2:57
Sitting In A Bathtub 4:36
Love In Amsterdam 2:58
Deceptive Lies 4:15
Breaking All The Rules 2:14
Insane 3:19
Grounds Of Love 4:49

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Since the band was founded in 1994, they have been putting together a lot of own songs. Influenced by a lot of styles like pop, art-rock and alternative, they call their music "Sophisticated Rock". The last year has seen some major events like the SWF3 newcomer festival "Baden-Württemberg rockt".

Here is our info sheet in Postscript format (130kB) (in german)

If you are interested in getting a "real" copy of the CD, please contact me at

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