Day 6: (Tsusiat Falls - Darling River)

km 25 - km 14


Derelict donkey engine Finally, the weather situation begins to get better. Having left Tsusiat after some rain in the night (fresh bear tracks on the trail!), up on the cliffs the fog begins to clear. And, after 5 days on the trail, we see the first whales! First, there is only a hint of spray very far away on the ocean. As the fog clears away, we finally see at least two big whales in the distance. Coastal fog
Sundown at Darling River We find a nice campsite at Darling River. From our tent we can see two humback whales apparently "grazing" some 100 meters from the shore. A school of Orcas swims north at an incredible speed. This is one of the greatest evenings on the trail, we also get an incredible sundown.

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