The West Coast Trail

One week in the life

This is the story of a trip on the West Coast Trail (in future referred to as WCT) which is located (as the name suggests) on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We (Manuela (then my girlfriend) and I) did this trip in early August 1995 and it was one of the greatest hikes we ever did. Our previous experiences included several tours in Europe (Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia), but the WCT did beat them all both in scenery and in enjoyment

To share a bit of this experience for a lifetime I decided to put together a few words on this hike (and over half a year later I finally did it).

Enjoy and feel free to contact me for questions, suggestions and the like.

  • Prologue: Where, why, what?
  • Day 0: Getting there. (Victoria - Port Renfrew)
  • Day 1: Ladders, ladders. (Thrasher Cove - Camper Bay)
  • Day 2: Surging channels, running rivers. (Camper Bay - Cullite Cove)
  • Day 3: (Cullite Cove - Bonilla Pt.)
  • Day 4: (Bonilla Pt. - Cheewat)
  • Day 5: (Clo-oose - Tsusiat Falls)
  • Day 6: (Tsusiat Falls - Darling River)
  • Day 7: (Darling River - Pachena Bay)
  • Epilogue: What now?
  • Some further sources of information

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