Day 2: Surging channels, running rivers (Camper Bay - Cullite Cove)

km 62 - km 58


Surge channel near Camper Bay Had a nice start with a group of five Canadians. Walking in the group is very convenient because of [sfx: drum roll] Adrenaline Surge, a very difficult surge channel. We got there when the tide was low, so there wasn't much water but the channel is covered with slimy green stuff. A rope definitely comes in very handy here. The rest is a very nice walk on the sandstone shelf where we got very nice views of the ocean.

Trail crossing Sandstone Creek Had to leave the shelf via Sandstone Creek, again we had much help from the Canadians. The lower part of Sandstone Creek includes a lot of climbing over fallen trees and big boulders. Nice to see the Trail again...

Beach at Cullite Cove Camping at Cullite Cove. Great site. Cullite Creek (?) forms a nice pool which is great for swimming (which we do, at least the creek is warmer than the ocean!) In the evening some guy catches a salmon with his foot! It's trying to swim up into the creek and the guy just walkes by and flicks it out (does that count as illegal fishing?) The campsite is filled with the smell of grilled salmon. Yummy!

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