Day 3: (Cullite Cove - Bonilla Pt.)

km 58 - km 48


Bald eagle perched at Cullite Cove campgroundBog Area Today the weather is very foggy. It's almost impossible to see the forest from the coastline. We get to see our first bald eagle which is perched some 10 meters directly above our campsite. After climbing up to the trail and after some kilometers, the fog begins to clear. We cross some very beautiful bog areas on boardwalks.

Logan Creek suspension bridge After the cable cars, Logan Creek brings a big suspension bridge. Very high. We feel like Indiana Jones.

Bonilla Pt. campground The weather is getting worse again. We're the only people at Bonilla Pt. campsite. In the evening it begins to rain and the fog gets thicker. During the whole night we hear the foghorn from Carmanah lighthouse. This creates a very scary atmosphere. It is not very hard to imagine the ships that perished on this coastline.

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