Day 4: (Bonilla Pt. - Cheewat)

km 48 - 36.5


Chez Monique Culture shock hits us very hard today. We read about it but you have to see to believe: Chez Monique! A coffee bar in the middle of nowhere. The rain doesn't seem so bad after a cup of coffee and a snickers bar (and you can get a lot more there.) This spot might be the last hope for a lot of hikers...

Carmanah lighthouse We've been hearing it for the last 12 hours: Carmanah lighthouse. At the notice board there is a short scientific article about a new kind of elementary particle, the Moron. I thought this was very funny but I have never seen this article again. If you know it, please e-mail me!

Driftwood on the beach near Dare Pt. The end of the day sees us still in the fog, nevertheless we've found a nice beach with huge driftwood logs near Dare Point. Always good for a nice campfire. Unfortunately, drinking water is 1 km away, a small source on the other side of the Cheewat river. The river doesn't look very nice, no wonder if you know that Cheewat means ¨River of Urine¨.

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