Day 5: (Clo-oose - Tsusiat Falls)

km 36.5 - km 25


Boardwalk through dense forest Still the weather isn't very good. It's not raining but there's still a lot of fog and dampness in the air. This part of the trail has some of the nicest rainforest... At Nitinat Narrows, we have to wait a bit for the boat which is operated by a very nice guy. He sells cans of coke and beer and if you are lucky, you can get some fresh seafood as well.
Tsusiat Falls in the mist We reach Tsusiat Falls in the evening. Despite the cool weather, Manu takes a bath under the falls. One of the guys who crossed Nitinat together with us on the boat offers us a bit of the crab he has bought there. Tastes great. Who needs lobster?

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